Short Term Medical Courses at DCI in Wilmington, DE

Short-Term Courses

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Short-Term Training Courses

Our short-term medical courses and programs are designed to help you enhance your skill set and broaden your career prospects with additional education and training. Short-term training programs are 10-12 weeks, helping you accomplish your goals in less time than most educational programs.

At DCI, we understand the challenges you may face while juggling work, school and other responsibilities. Our short-term medical assistant programs in Wilmington, DE, make it easier for you to fit learning into your schedule by offering classes during the day and evening.

If you are currently enrolled in our Medical Billing and Coding, Medical Administrative Assistant or Medical Assistant programs, you can add to your skills and knowledge with our Nurse Assistant short-term program.

Add to your professional skills or start a new career with our short-term nursing courses in Delaware:

Nurse Assistant

Day: 10 weeks
Evening: 12 weeks

You can train for a career that allows you to play a vital role in healthcare delivery as a nurse assistant. Throughout the program, you can learn about anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, infection control, interpersonal skills, patient care and more. In 10-12 weeks, you can pursue employment in doctors' offices, hospitals, nursing homes, clinics or other healthcare industries.

CPR Training

The objective of our Basic Life Support (CPR) for Healthcare Providers training course is to provide the necessary training for you to obtain your Basic Life Support Certification and be able to perform CPR and/or use an AED in an emergency situation.

Learn more about Dawn Career Institute's short-term training courses by contacting us today.