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The data doesn't lie: There is a demand for massage therapists all across the nation in chiropractor's offices, doctor's offices, and even on vacation resorts. What better time than now to become a massage therapist by getting your Therapeutic Massage Practitioner training in just 25 weeks, from Dawn Career Institute?

In just a few months, you could gain skills to be a successful massage therapist and learn about massage therapy practices of stress relief, relaxation, and posture.

Your Role as a Massage Therapist

Massage therapists are needed in a variety of different medical and leisurely settings.

Medical Massage Therapy:
Massage therapy is used to support the wellness plan of the medical team in treating a variety of different illnesses including anxiety, digestive disorders, sports injuries joint pain, insomnia, fibromyalgia, and so much more. Massage therapists are needed in the medical setting to provide hands-on treatment to patients when alternative options are not available or have not brought results.

Leisure Massage Therapy:
Cruise ships. Resorts. Salons. Massage therapy is used for both medical and leisure purposes. With Dawn's 25-week Therapeutic Massage Practitioner training, you can help people relax on vacations or de-stress after a long work week.

Whether you decide to take the medical or leisure route, there is a massage therapy career waiting for you. Get prepared for a fulfilling career where you can work in hospitals, doctor's offices, chiropractor's offices, cruise ships, resorts, in homes, and so much more!

Massage Therapist Benefits

As a massage therapist, you can enjoy a variety of professional benefits. A flexible schedule, the opportunity to work independently, at home, and on your own time are some of a few of the great benefits of becoming a therapeutic massage practitioner.

Massage Therapists*
Median salary of $39,860
23% expected growth rate in Delaware and 26% growth nationwide from 2016 to 2026
Opportunity for self-employment

DCI Massage Therapy Icon Most Massage Therapists work in spas, salons and massage clinics. There are also job opportunities in fitness clubs, hotels, resorts, physicians' offices, chiropractors' offices and with sports teams. Many Massage Practitioners also elect to become self-employed.

Projected Job Growth Projected
Job Growth
2016 to 2026


Median Salary  
Median Salary



Quality Training From Dawn For a Rewarding Massage Therapy Career

Do you want hands-on experience to become better prepared for your career? At Dawn Career Institute, you get just that. With the on-site New Beginnings Spa, you can receive real-world experience before you enter the real world.

Massage Therapists may perform the following services:

  • Swedish massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Natural hot stone massage
  • Sports massage
  • Reflexology
  • Chair massage
  • Spa therapies
  • Aromatherapy
Therapeutic Massage Practitioner School Photo

Program Details

Program length: 25 weeks

Program offered: Daytime

Clock Hours: 750 (600 Contact Hours in the classroom/lab + 150 hours outside work)

Graduates earn a Diploma

Learn more about:

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By going to this school, I realize that I have a unique opportunity to change lives with my hands. And that's what I do every day. I make a difference in people's lives, and that's very rewarding for me.

~Sue P., Therapeutic Massage Practitioner Graduate

Dawn's Hands-on Training Prepares You to Have a First-Hand Impact

Dawn Career Institute is career-focused and committed to giving you the training you need to succeed in your career as a massage therapist. This means that you'll get hands-on training that you can apply immediately when you start your massage therapy career.

As part of our hands-on learning environment, each student in our Therapeutic Massage Practitioner Program receives a Simplicity Practice Essentials Kit, including:

  • Simplicity starter table
  • Front arm sling
  • Carry case
  • Classic adjustable face rest with cushion and round bolster
  • Oil holster and 8 oz. Sacred Earth Botanicals massage lotion
  • Three-piece premium 100% cotton sheet set (flat, fitted and face rest cover)
  • One pack of three premium 100% cotton flannel face rest covers
  • Exclusive under-table shelf for storage

Get Massage Therapist Jobs with Your Dawn Education

If you want to have an impact on people's lives and people's health, all while having the benefits of having a flexible schedule, then it's time to get your training to become a Therapeutic Massage Practitioner from Dawn Career Institute. You can further develop your professional skills by meeting with the Career Services Department! We have full-time Career Services staff on campus who are available to our students and graduates in person, by phone or email to support them in the pursuit of career opportunities.

With a Dawn Career Institute education, you'll have opportunities to apply for massage therapist jobs to some of the most highly sought-after employers in the state. Here are just a few of the companies who have hired our graduates:

  • Hand & Stone Spa Optimum Health Group
  • Reallook Med Spa
  • Massage Envy
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+ Accreditation
+ New Beginnings Spa
+ Financial Aid
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