ACCSC Placement Rate Methodology

Who is Included in the Calculation

Using the reporting period defined by the ACCSC, only those students who began their program of study, graduated, and were available for employment are included in the calculation.

Who is Not Included in the Calculation

Students who did not graduate are not included in the calculation.

Graduates who did not obtain employment in their field of study due to the following reasons are not considered to be "available for employment" and are also not included in the calculation:

  • Continued education in an accredited institution of higher education (postsecondary) on at least a half-time basis
  • Death
  • Incarceration
  • Active military deployment
  • Onset of a medical condition that prevents employment

How the Rate is Calculated

The placement rate is expressed as the percentage of graduates available for employment who obtained employment in their field of study. Graduates who obtained employment, but whose employment was not considered to be "in their field of study", are not included in the placement rate. Since the placement rate does not include all graduates who obtained employment, but rather only those whose employment is within their field of study, the placement rate reported will likely be lower than the actual graduate employment rate.

Example: Assuming there were 100 graduates available for employment and 72 of those graduates obtained employment in their field of study, the placement rate would be 72% (72 / 100 = 72%).