How to find the right medical assistant program

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April 10, 2018

And is it the right fit for me?

Combining medical knowledge and skills with administrative and office work is just another day in the life of a medical assistant. As a medical assistant, you have the ability to choose where you want to work, both by medical practice/specialty and geographic location.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in medical assisting are expected to grow by an impressive 29 percent through 2026.

Interested in pursuing this career? Here are a few areas to consider first before enrolling in a medical assistant program.

Hands-on work with patients

As a medical assistant, you will be trained to perform a variety of clinical tasks. Typically, these include preparing blood samples for testing, measuring vital signs, administering medications or injections, and assisting physicians with examinations.

Your education will prepare you for this working experience outside of the classroom through valuable hands-on training in labs mirroring real-world settings. At Dawn Career Institute, students in our Medical Assistant program can finish in as little as 30 weeks.

A warm welcome for patients

More often than not, medical assistants are the first people patients meet and interact with at a healthcare facility. Being the face of the clinic, hospital, or care center means you need to have a welcoming personality, be eager to help, have good communication skills, and be organized.

At the front desk, your clerical duties include scheduling appointments, updating medical records, and completing insurance forms. These administrative tasks are essential for the practice/facility to run smoothly.

Choose where you want to work

Due to the growing need of medical assistants in America, you may be able to choose the type of work you want to be doing, as well as where you'd like to do it. Some of the most common places for medical assistants to work are primary care facilities, like hospitals, and private practices. However, you may also have mobility to branch off into specialty offices, like a medical lab, chiropractor's office, or a retirement community.

Take advantage of the opportunities in this gratifying and booming career field by applying to the medical assistant program at Dawn Career Institute or speaking with an Admissions specialist today by calling 1-800-490-9135.